Friday, July 16, 2010

We're Married!!!!

Hey! I told you I was terrible at this --- I've been thinking about updating my blog the last few days -- but images have been more important.

First things first - on June 26, 2010 - I married my best friend :) We had a lovely wedding - I couldn't ask for better friends & family. Only a few minor misunderstandings occurred but other than that everything went well. Actually - it was perfect.

We were married at 5 o'clock in the evening at the Methodist Church. It was nice & hot - but what do you expect for a late June wedding. I'm just thankful it wasn't storming.

Our ceremony was beautiful - and I didn't cry...which I'm so thankful for because I cried at everything else from showers to introductions at our rehearsal. I'll go through a run down of the day (more so for my use but it's what I can remember)....

My alarm went off at 8:45 a.m. - mom went to pick up Amy from the Slate Creek Lodge and I laid in bed and cried for awhile (hopefully trying to get it out of my system. Then by 10:15 it was off to Ultimate Images for hair. Jessica & Sarah did an amazing job with everyone's hair and the time frame. When Jessica was working on putting all 82 bobby pins in my hair & I believe a can of hair spray - I had my 2nd breakdown of the day. No reason what so ever - nothing that was said or how it was going, just started to cry.

Then after hair - we rushed home to gather up everything needed for the rest of the day. My parents' house was nuts with bridesmaids running around, nephews & brothers watching soccer, and poor Willie (my dog) who didn't know what was going on. We made it to the church finally about 1:30 (only 30 min behind schedule at this point). We hung out while my boss shot my dress & elements and then it was time to get into THE DRESS (Mona Lisa by Maggie Sottero). Here's a close up of my dress:

By about 2:15 was our big reveal - Josh was very patiently waiting outside in the heat - I wasn't really nervous just anxious and excited. He hadn't seen my dress & it killed me for 7 months not to tell him. I told him it was HUGE but it wasn't too bad. He looked so handsome. It was great :) My favorite image of our reveal:

From there we proceeded with family photos and formal wedding pictures. We ended about 4:15 - in time to take my dress off so I could go to the bathroom (I couldn't fit through the doors ...the bathrooms are made for preschoolers obviously) and to cool off before the big moment. While sitting in the parlor, Ricky, brought me my gift from Josh - a pair of super cute Ariat boots - and I sent back with him Josh's - a mets hat and a bottle of cologne.

And then it was 5 o'clock somewhere - well, here. It was time to walk down the aisle. It was crazy how one year of planning was going into the next 25 minutes. Our parents & grandmothers were seated with the traditional Canon in D - followed by our amazing attendants to Aaron Watson's "Unbelievably Beautiful" and then my grand entrance. I of course walked down the aisle with my father to the Bridal Chorus. I had thought about using a song from Texas but I knew I'd regret it later in life. Our reverend, Brent Clayton, was amazing - he kept everything very short and sweet. We lite our unity candle to "I'll Be Here For You" sang by Randy Rogers at Steamboat on the Undone cd. We had said our vows & exchanged rings....and the big announcement - Mr. & Mrs. Joshua William Olsen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We walked out to "Later On" by the KYLE BENNETT BAND - who was sitting in the audience. That had to be one of the coolest things was to have those guys there playing our wedding reception...anyways back to the timeline :)

We exited the church through petals into Ted Davis' Rolls Royce 1948 limo - we drove around a few blocks and went back to the church to the pink house for some fun pictures and then out to the slate creek lodge for some more.

We made our grand entrance to the reception at 7 o'clock - with dinner, cake & toasts and then the dancing! Our first dance was performed acoustically by Kyle Bennett, "Into Her Arms". I've seen these guys play 20 times or so in the last 3 years and never had once heard it live. The band didn't really know it because they don't play it - so it was extra special having him sing this to us. I danced with my dad to "Isn't She Lovely". We did our bouquet & garter tosses - which Josh forgot his mining light he told BK. And then everyone kept asking for the band - that's why we forgot our dollar dance - so they started to play and we all had a ball. I know I danced every dance - my favorites (besides with Josh) were with my nephews, Cason, Cole, & Kohl. They all about made me cry. They were so great all day - perfect ring bearers. At one point, I told Robyn, I would even sit in front of them and watch them - so she goes do it - so Josh & I sat smack dab in front of Kyle & watched them. It was great. We had a ball - every time Kyle spoke about us and our wedding, I about cried, okay so maybe I did once sue me. They were all so great - we really can't thank them enough.

After they were done performing, our family & friends tore down everything and we proceeded into the bar. After closing, Cade, Jess, BK, Jacyln, James, Cassandra, James, JR, Josh & I went to Penny's Diner - in our dress & tux :) Long story short - but I had a dream everyone went there without me so we had to go. Picture: Our amazing longhorns friends that came to share the day with us.

Our wedding was amazing and I wouldn't change much. Every detail was remembered it's just how a few things turned out. But anyways, we're married and spent 8 days in Florida at Disney. It was great and we didn't want to come back to the real world - but at least now I can laugh at all of the wedding shows on tv. Most of the pictures were taken by my bosses John & Cindy ( and edited by me :) - I'll post another blog about details - so much is overlooked that is so expensive but in the end it's worth it.