Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fabulous Four

So today marks Josh & I's four year dating anniversary. It's so crazy how fast time flies. I still remember that night like it was yesterday. It was rodeo weekend at K-State my junior year. We'd gone to the rodeo the night before - it was tough enough to wear pink night. And then we went for awhile the next night but Josh had to be at work early so we went down to the bar. This was also the last night Josh had to work the front door with Scott. Throughout the night some of Josh's old rodeo buddies kept coming in and I heard him a few times introduce me as his girlfriend --- but he'd never officially asked me to be his girlfriend. Later that night he said something to another person, like "this is Amy, my girlfriend"...I went oh really? He replied well, if you want to be. And since that moment we've been together ever since. He's been my rock, my best friend, he's seen me at my worst and my best. I'm so glad we started dating that night. It's lead to 4 years of adventure and I'm so glad he's now my husband. I can't wait for the next 80 years together :) Love you babe.