Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st weekend at home

So Josh & I have been on the go since the end of May - literally every week or weekend we have been in Louisiana, Texas, Wellington, Tonganoxie, Wichita, or wherever else. It has been fun for the most part but exhausting. This last weekend was our first official weekend at home, we have been home since last Tuesday -- so we're up to 9 days at home! Doesn't sound like much, our total will be 11 before we're on the road til November. This fall brings us to Texas for 2 weddings - John & Rachel and Fish & Robyn with a Tonganoxie wedding in between. Usually wedding season has been the summer for us but this fall we have 3 in 5 weeks to go. Our first weekend off is the 3rd week in November and well, it seems like far off but heck, Christmas is only 4 months away today. Tomorrow marks our 14 month married anniversary :) It's so crazy how time flies by!

Friday, August 19, 2011

This week is a blur

So I'm trying to think about what to blog about this week and well this morning I'm drawing a complete blank. So I guess I'll just go over what else has been going on ---

Last week, Josh's grandma, was placed in a rehab center for her muscles. She's been going to physical therapy every day this week and we can tell a huge difference. Hopefully she'll be out of there soon - they said it'd be about 6 weeks or so. So we spent the first part of this week in Tongie - seeing her, painting the kitchen, and cleaning out old stuff.

This work week has been a blur - just trying to get caught up. I'm just glad it's Friday so I can sleep in tomorrow.

Here's a before & after of the painting - no decor yet, ran outta time.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Catching Up

So I wasn't able to blog last week because lets see - I was only near a computer for a day and I had to get caught up on work. On July 17th, my Uncle Kris, my dad's youngest brother, passed away. He was only 44 years old. It's still weird and it baffles me that he is gone. He passed away from health complications. He wasn't in the best of health but was getting better but his kidneys couldn't keep up with him. This was the first time I had ever had any part in planning a funeral. I was unfortunately at home for another funeral when my uncle passed. I went with my Grandma and parents to the funeral home after burying an amazing lady, Mrs. Peggy Richmond. So needless to say it was a very emotional week. It was weird and nothing I would wish on anyone. Deciding what urn, programs, guestbook, songs, and everything else is tough. Since I have been scanning all of our family photos I was able to get them to Tytus to put together an easy slideshow with their program. It turned out beautiful. To see it - go to this link -

He will be missed by so many people. He was a very loving man when it came to his daughters and granddaughter.

Following planning a funeral - that next Sunday, we had to go back to Wichita to help my brother, Jeremy and his family get ready to move to Kentucky. This again wasn't something I wanted to do - I know it's something new and exciting but I miss them like crazy and it's been almost 3 weeks. I have now helped my brother move 8 times - EIGHT TIMES - in my life. This was the easiest as far as packing because well, we didn't. They had a moving company that had to pack and load everything. We were busy running errands and painting getting the house ready to sell. That was one of the most emotional goodbyes ever. But I'm excited to plan trips to see them as often as we can. It's only about 9 hours from here --- that's nothing. Ha! Just sucks all 4 nephews are a day's worth of driving away but they're all worth it.

Following that week - we were home for a whopping 4 days before heading back to Wellington for my Uncle's funeral. Since he was cremated we waited until my Uncle & family from Kuwait were here to have the memorial service. It was a nice service - Rev. Clayton (who married us) did a wonderful job. The slideshow got everyone. I don't think there was a dry eye in the family section. I will never forget my Aunt Connie reaching over to grab my hand during it - such heartbreak has happened.

So after all of this - Josh & I worked all weekend in Topeka at Central Zones Championships Swimming. Huge pain in the ass. Worth the paycheck - but not the heat (thankfully it rained, except for the fact we had computers but they were covered). We got back to Manhattan Sunday - slept most of Monday (went and saw Captain America) which seems to have been forever ago. And then that night, Brenda, Josh's mom called me and his Grandma is in the hospital. She had fell and hit her head, and then her sodium and potassium levels were low. Her heart rate is back to normal, but I haven't heard an update today.

If anyone reads this - please keep my family in your prayers. It's been a rough month and I only hope it gets better.