Thursday, May 26, 2011

..101 Things in 1001 Days..

101 Things to do in 1001 Days – Created May 21, 2011 – to be finished by February 15, 2014 (colored and bolded = completed)
1. Write my name in the sand (05-30-11)
Spend a day at the beach (05-30-11)
3. Go on a random road trip (06.24.11-06.27.11)
4. Get a passport
5. Go on a Caribbean cruise
6. Go on an Alaskan cruise
7. Go to Las Vegas
8. Go to the Omaha Zoo (7.11.11)
9. Go to Impact Wrestling (3.2.12)
10. Go to a WWE Live event with Josh (1.30.12)
11. Go to Hawaii – See volcanoes, whales, white sand, blue water, Pearl Harbor
12. Go to Memphis
13. Go to Nashville
14. Go to Myrtle Beach
15. Go to Ireland
16. Go to Boston
17. Go to a Texas Rangers baseball game (06.26.11)
Go to the CD Release party of the Thieving Birds on June 25th
19. Go to Owensboro, Kentucky to see family
20. Shoot a tropical wedding
21. Go whale watching
22. Swim with dolphins
23. See Mount Rushmore
24. Go to Mexico
25. Go to Port Aransas
26. See the Ohio River
27. See the pyramids in Egypt
28. Ring in the New Years in New York City
29. Go to Chicago
30. Visit Austin, Texas
31. See the Liberty Bell
32. Go on a family vacation with Josh’s family (5-30-11 to 6-3-11)
33. Go on a family vacation with my family (9.16-9.22-11)
34. Go to Philadelphia and have a cheese steak
35. Visit the Grand Canyon
36. Visit Cabo San Lucas
37. Visit one of Guy’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives spots(Grinders in KC on 5.20.13)
38. Go to Lulu’s Bakery in San Antonio and have a gigantic cinnamon roll
39. Go to DisneyLand
40. Go to SeaWorld in San Diego or San Antonio
41. Do the 3 bridge tour in NYC (Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridge)
42. Go to Universal Studios Hollywood
43. Go to Seattle
44. Go to Hawaii with my mom
45. Go to the Riverwalk in San Antonio with Josh
46. Go to the Fort Worth Stock Show
47. Visit all 50 states (15/50
Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina)

48. Make plans to travel to another country
49. Visit Washington D.C.
50. Visit Yellowstone National Park
51. Visit NYC and do all of the tourist things – Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, Hot Dog Vendor, etc.
52. Visit Australia
53. Ride in a hot air balloon
54. Family trip to Disneyworld
55. Take all 4 of my nephews someplace fun and memorable (4/4)
Kohl & Coy to the beach on 5.30.11
Cole & Cason to the Omaha Zoo on 7.11.11
56. Ride the rides at Wizarding World of Harry Potter (11.15-18.2011)
57. Go to the San Diego Zoo
58. Fly first class
59. Attend a concert at the following venues:
a. Billy Bob’s, Texas
b. Gruene Hall
c. Wet Willie’s
d. Cain’s Ballroom
e. Rockin' Rodeo
Relationship with Josh
60. Finish our honeymoon scrapbook
61. Kiss in the rain
62. Go on a picnic
63. Make a birthday cake for him
64. Ride in a carriage at Christmas time at the Plaza in Kansas City
65. Eat dinner by candle light
Scrapbook our wedding
Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary on a small getaway vacation
68. Take pictures in a photobooth (06.04.11 - BK & Jaclyn's wedding)
69. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
70. Identify 100 things that make me happy
71. Own all 10 seasons of “Friends” (10/10)
72. Make a wish at 11:11 on 11-11-11
73. Attend the premiere of a movie (7.15.11 - Harry Potter)
74. Make a custom recipe book
75. Archive and organize all of my family photos
76. Pay off my student loans/credit cards
77. Learn to decorate cakes
78. Find the perfect little black dress
79. Update my blog at least once a week (39/52)
80. Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet in nature again (4/26)
81. Research my family history
82. Finish a scrapbook
83. Finish Cole’s Scrapbook
84. Finish Cason’s Scrapbook
85. Make homemade bread
86. Make a card for someone instead of buying it
87. Organize my scrapbook supplies
88. Own two pugs (a boy and a girl)
89. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in one week (7.9-7.15.11)
90. Create a playlist of songs that make me feel happy
91. Learn to cook 5 new meals (5/5)
92. See Corey Smith in concert
93. See Miranda Lambert in concert
94. Meet Jeff Hardy (3.2.12)
Someday (probably not within this time frame)
95. Have a new car
96. Have a baby
97. Buy a new computer and wacom tablet
98. Win $500 on a scratch ticket
99. buy a Coach purse
100. Win the jackpot
101. Complete this list
Completed (44/101)


Vacation is FINALLY here! Well...almost! Hopefully we'll be leaving this evening at some point in time. I'm mostly packed. Let's face it - I hate packing. It's really annoying. For the first part of the (13.5 hour) drive - I'll be thinking constantly of what did I forget??? I came in to work this morning and have started my "get done before I leave" list - so of course that stresses me out. I love lists, but better yet, I love DONE lists. I'm so excited to see Angie & the boys. It's been 11 months to the date since I've seen them. I know the boys are getting so big it'll be unbelievable. It's been almost 3 years since Josh & I have been down to Louisiana. Last time we were barely dating and today, it's been 11 months since we've been married. It's so crazy how time flies!

Uncle Josh, Kohl, Coy, and Aunt Amy (6.26.10)

Josh & I in New Orleans on my 21st Birthday (6.11.08)Brenda, Josh, and Angie - Holly Beach (06.13.08)

Josh & I at McNeese State University (06.08.08)
Josh & I at the Aquarium in New Orleans (06.10.08)

These were just a few images from our last trip - I can tell you this now, there will be more...LOTS more this time! I can't wait! I won't be able to blog next week, so have a safe week! xoxo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

First T-Bones Game

So this last Sunday (May 22nd) - Josh & I went to KC to see his mom and attend her company picnic. The picnic was held at the T-Bones Stadium in the Legends shopping area. Even though they lost 8-4 to the Texas Air Hogs - it was fun. It was my first time to ever go to this ball park - it was a nice field but their dirt work was terrible. I'm weird but when you've been to as many baseball games as I have, let's face it - I know a pretty field when I see one. I was at my first baseball game when I was 10 days old and well, who knows how many thousands of games I've been to watching my big brothers - Jeremy & Josh.

Me when I was about 2-3 years old.

Here are a few pics from our T-Bones adventure ----
Brenda & Josh
Josh & I

Brenda, Josh, & I
Josh & Brenda

A New Troutman

Good morning everyone! So I had one of the best text messages ever this morning - my cousin Ronnie and his wife, Ashley had their baby boy, Preston Dean this morning in Valdosta, Georgia. I'm so excited for them :)

I have no stats or pictures yet - I'm sure they're busy taking care of their new bundle of joy! I wish them all of the best in the world, I know they are going to be amazing parents. I can't wait to go meet Mr. Preston :) Love you Ronnie, Ashley, & Preston!

Got a picture yesterday on facebook --- LOVE LOVE LOVE him!

Friday, May 20, 2011

{The Thieving Birds} 5.12.11

For the fourth time, I've had the great privilege to see a Thieving Birds show. I haven't been to a concert in over a month and had been anticipating this show for well, about 3 months when I knew they were going to get to come back to Manhattan. This show was by far, the BEST show I've seen from them. Granted, I've loved all of their shows, but this one was my favorite. They're entertainment and the fact everyone was into this show made their performance remarkable. I'm so excited they have a website up and going - - please check it out. They CD (which, we've had the great privilege of having it since February will be out this June. They have a CD release show at Wet Willie's on the 25th of June, the day before Josh & I's one year anniversary. So we're hoping to make that show. Why not right? Here's some of my favorite shots from the show ---

John, Beau, & Rody

Jon "Fish" Hunt

Rody Molder

Beau Brauer - "Did you get that" - him cheesing for a picture

Ace Crayton

John Seider

Josh & I at our 4th Thieving Birds show

Josh, John & I before the show

Beau, Josh, & Ace

The Thieving Birds opened up for Jason Boland, so I took my picture with Jason. Please notice Ace in the background. ha!

Few favorite moments of this night --- constant telling everyone "Asscheeks"

Our trip to IHop --- "I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I wouldn't put it in the ketchup" - Rody.

I can't wait to see these guys again - they're my favorite, and well, they're some of the best friends we have. We're so thankful they share their musical talents with us.

Food Networks - Great Food Truck Race

So a week ago, Manhattan, Kansas was consumed by graduation and something excited and unusual. A national network television show being filmed here. Not many exciting things happen in Manhattan anymore. It's cool to live here when you're in college, but after that - incredibly boring. It was fun to have something to do and look forward to. Cindy first told me about them coming to Manhattan earlier in the week - I was thinking ok cool - maybe we'll go by. Then she said there was a gourmet grilled cheese truck. Okay, my instant thought was YES!!!!!!! Knowing they were going to serve food that Saturday & Sunday - Josh & I went down to Doughboys in Aggieville where the line was already around the corner. We thought about 150 people or so were in front of us - no big deal. They were supposed to start serving at 12 - it was 2 when we went down there. By 2:30 - the truck was having to move because it was in "Aggieville" and people were bitching. Shocker - people in Manhattan bitching about something good and free advertisement. We were told they were moving a block away - I thought it was weird because surrounding Aggieville is housing. It ended up moving 3 blocks west to Manhattan Christian College. We gave up on Saturday on the food trucks after looking at the crazy lines in the park for 3 of the 5 trucks. So we tried this whole waiting in line thing again on Sunday afternoon. I had to come down to work and design a card for my parents anniversary - so about 4:30 Josh and I went and got in line. It wasn't too bad - probably 200 people in front of us. They were open and serving so we didn't figure it'd take too long. Well, it took 2.5 hours. It really didn't seem that long - I've waited in line longer. When I was 10, I spent the night with my brother & sister in law in front of a store on North Rock Road in Wichita for beanie babies. Once we got up there - it was worth the wait. It was fun - it was exciting to be apart of it. It was a good grilled cheese, not amazing, but fun. They had homemade tortilla chips with a sweet chili sauce on them - yum! Josh had the coleslaw - it was different, but good he said. Everything was $.99 - so it made it reasonable - very reasonable. Whenever we go to Boston, I'm definitely going to find "Roxy's Grilled Cheese" truck - delish!

Food Network - Great Food Truck Race - 5 trucks arrive in Manhattan about 12 on Friday, May 13th

Josh & I waiting for Roxy's Grilled Cheese - Sunday, May 15th

Roxy's Grilled Cheese Sliders & Tortilla chips with sweet chili sauce

Forty Years of Love

In 16 days will mark the 40th Wedding Anniversary of my parents, Monty & Carol. This is a huge accomplish and milestone for anyone. I'm so thankful for my parents and everything they have done and taught me over the years. I've been restoring their wedding photographs - there images turned yellow long before they should have so it's been quite a challenge.

Their wedding announcement in the Rock, Kansas newspaper.

Carol at her bridal shower, Rock, Kansas.

My grandma, Mary, helping my mom get ready.

My mom with her girls.

One of my favorite images from their wedding, Mary, Carol, and Charlie

Charlie & Carol

Monty & Carol

The church, Rock, Kansas

Wedding Party

Nichols Family

Troutman Family

Mr. & Mrs. Monty Troutman