Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{Fort Worth Zoo}

Can you believe Josh & I have been married a year? Ok, no, me either! Time has really flown by us this year. I can't believe it. I remember everything like it was yesterday planning every detail and the wedding. We headed to Fort Worth, Texas to celebrate this joyous occasion. We had a blast! It was one of the best vacations I've ever had. We were able to relax and have fun and just breathe. We've been on the road about every week from the end of May til this last Monday. It's been a whirl wind of a month but an enjoyable one.

We got to Fort Worth about 8 p.m. on Friday - got settled into our hotel and went by and saw our friend, Robyn. We were excited to be able to have some free time the next morning instead of arriving right before a planned event. We gathered some of the brochures from the lobby to see what we could do that we haven't done before. We'd been to the Stockyards last time so that wasn't high on our list. We'd thought about going to Dallas to the aquarium but we didn't want to spend 2 extra hours driving. So we went with the Fort Worth Zoo. I love zoos - I've seen the Wichita, Denver, New Orleans, OKC, and now Fort Worth Zoo. I remembered Beau asking us if we were going to the Zoo when we went in October but we didn't. So I texted Robyn to see if it was good and she replied "Oh ya!" We got there about 11:30. It wasn't too hot yet, thankfully it was windy and some what cloudy. The zoo was heavily shaded so we were very thankful. Josh & I at the Fort Worth Zoo {06.25.11}

I know this image is hard to see but it's a Gavialis gangeticus it's by far the weirdest Alligator I've ever seen. It's teeth show and it looks like something out of a Disney movie.
Usually whenever I've seen snakes they're asleep --- not this guy. He kept moving and well, creeping me out. I hate hate HATE snakes. But I was intrigued by this guy - made me feel like I was in the 1st Harry Potter movie and he was about to escape.

Not as good as Disney - but it was about 95 degrees out.
Zebras are one of my favorites :)

Perfect timing --- we just walked over to the white tiger cage and this guy was right there. Nothing like being about 5 inches away from this beautiful beast.

Quick photo op with the tiger before he moved.

{Future PGA Pro}

On Monday, June 13, 2011 - I was lucky enough to be home when Cole was invited to play in the Junior PGA Tournament at Crestview Country Club. My brother, Josh, is the 2nd superintendent at Crestview and is in charge of keeping the north course looking it's best. This tournament is usually held in August, but they decided to move it up along with the Wichita Open in hopes of it being cooler. Well, it's Kansas. And Summer. Being cooler was not a factor - it was nice and toasty until the last 2 holes when storm clouds rolled in.

Uncle Josh O., Cason, Cole, and Uncle Josh T.

Cole was the youngest player in the entire tournament. One kid couldn't make it so the guy running it asked Josh the Wednesday before if he knew of anyone. Cole was nervous as could be at the beginning. He didn't want to warm up - but once both Uncle Joshs were there the nerves eased up a bit. He knew he was the youngest. The tournament was for 10-18 - and since he just turned 9, being the youngest got the best of his nerves.
Cole got a head cover for being the youngest player.

When I first saw Cole that day - he goes "You're not going to take 300 pictures are you?" (At the last tournament he played in, the Wellington Parent Child - I took 300 pictures of him, Cason, Dad, & Jeremy). Jokingly I said "No, I'm going to take 800, is that ok?" - He blushed and I laughed. Well, this Aunt Amy is a VERY PROUD aunt. I'm not ashamed of getting out my big camera for any of their sporting events. I've taken all of my equipment to their football, basketball, and baseball games. Why would I not here? One of the other dads that was following this group had a nice point and shoot -- but nothing compared to me. It was kinda funny. I'm not ashamed to get out my 5D and my 200mm telephoto lens. Cole had 8 people following him that day, me, Uncle Josh T & O, Grandma Carol, his mom & dad, Cason, and his Aunt Kim. We're a proud family :)Grandma Carol, Cole, Amy, and Cason

Jeremy and Cole right before he teed off.

Cole on hole 14

Cole made two puts that were amazing! The pro that was with their group was trying to help him with a put, and said, "It's going to break to the right". Cole goes "no, it's straight on". And well, it was. His face lit up - he knew he was right and proved he could play.

Uncle Josh, Jeremy, and Uncle Josh clapping right after Cole made the put on hole 14.

They started on the back nine, so Uncle Josh T. told him, at least you get to finish in front of the big stands (on 17 & 18). When we got there, the pro (I don't remember his name) asked Josh if he wanted to get behind and take a picture. Josh goes, no, I brought a professional. I laughed because earlier when we were on 10 - Jeremy looks at me and goes "Good, you brought your camera". I always have some type of camera.

Hole 17
Cason waiting on hole 17 -- I no longer have to say smile or cheese with Cason. I point my camera and instant smile :)

Cason & Cole after the tournament & awards. Cole gave Cason his hat and Cole got the last small shirt there was - the lady said she had one left, so Amy gently pushed him up there and said "get it" -- it was too funny.

I loved every moment of this tournament. Watching my nephews grow up breaks my heart, I wish they could stay little forever. Seeing them grow does make me happy, but sad at the same time. I'm really going to miss them when they move to Kentucky but can't wait to go visit!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Celebrating 40 Years of Love}

On June 5, 1971, my parents said their vows and have since then have spent 40 years together. My siblings and I (with the great help of my Aunt Connie & Uncle Steve and Grandma) put together a get together to help celebrate their forty years together.
Monty & Carol

Josh, Josh, Amy, Monty, Cole, Carol, Cason, Jeremy, & AmyJosh, Josh, Amy, Monty, Cole, Carol, Cason, Jeremy, Amy, Grandma, Uncle Steve, & Aunt Connie
Their original cake topper

Their cake - YUMMY!
One of the biggest surprises of the day was when my mom got out her wedding gown. In a bag was her train. She thought she'd lost her veil and garter when her mom loaned out her veil. But inside her train was her veil & garter perfectly preserved 40 years later.

{Louisiana Vacation 2011} (2/2)

Well, I figured I'd better get the 2nd part of our vacation blogged because I still have so much more about June --- and well, June is almost over.

Wednesday night was one of the highlights for me. I got to have a photo shoot with Justin, Angie, Kohl & Coy. My most favorite thing to shoot has to be my family. My four nephews are such a big part of my life and love -- the simplicity and joy in their eyes makes my heart happy. I know that's cheesy - but hey, it's real.
I love this image of themJustin, Coy, Angie, and Kohl {2011}
Kohl & Coy with the shirts we bought them for Christmas last year.

Kohl & I spent a lot of time coloring together. I bought a 2 pack of images from Target of Toy Story pictures. I colored one, and Kohl & Brenda colored the other one. Aunt Amy & Kohl coloring

The finished product (4 years of art school baby!)

The last day we were there was filled with the pool and water balloons. It was a nice way to end our week long stay in Louisiana. We left Sulphur at 8:50 at night to arrive in Manhattan at 10:30 the next morning, shower, and head to a wedding in Hiwatha. We were state travelers in 3 days --- Louisiana to about Nebraska back to Wellington (20 minutes from the Oklahoma border). Whew. Typing that still wears me out.

Hopefully I'll get to blog my parents anniversary later today or tomorrow before we head to Texas for our 1 year anniversary. It's crazy how fast time flies. I started this blog to keep track of wedding events and frustrations and now we're about to celebrate our 1 year!

Friday, June 17, 2011

{Louisiana Vacation 2011} (1/2)

Hey everyone! What a crazy and insane month this has been and it's only half way through. I'll start at the beginning and see how far I get. The first part of the month started 13 hours away from home in the state of Louisiana. It was great to go back down there and visit my sister in law, Angie, and her family.

We left Friday (May 27th) at 9:30 p.m. We had to make a pit stop in Wellington to drop off a few things before heading south. So about 12:00 we were on our way south. I was awake most of this trip going down because I had the gps on my phone. Josh drove until 7 am and then Brenda took over. We got to Angie's about 11:15 the next morning. Right in time to go pick up Kohl from his last day of kindergarten.
The next day (Saturday) - we went into Lake Charles to the park by the lake and there was a water/splash pad for the boys. Coy wasn't too sure about it at first but then he got into it.

We ate lunch at the Dairy Barn - it reminded us a lot of Disney. They had so many antique Disney figures and collectibles it was awesome. The food was good and reasonable for 6 people eating.

The next morning as soon as we got up - Kohl wanted to go fishing. I'm not a fisher person -- at all. But I was going to take pictures & work on my tan. So off we went in about 95 degree weather over to a pond on the land they live on. After about 10 casts, they caught one. I couldn't believe it. And well, neither could Josh. He's not much of a fisher but he had to deal with this one. After flipping it over and getting it off the hook, they put it back into the pond. It was fun to go out there with Kohl. He really enjoyed it.

The next day (Monday, the 30th) was one of my favorites. We went to Holly Beach. It's about 35 miles south of Sulphur. We went their our first trip so I was excited to go back. I love the ocean (even if it was the Gulf of Mexico). It was incredibly windy that day. The sand hurt like crazy on my legs but it was worth it. Kohl was so excited to take his bucket and pick up shells. He filled up his and Coy filled up some of his. I only took a bag this time but still gathered quite a bit.
Coy wasn't too sure about the whole ocean/water/wind thing but after he realized it was okay he just sat right down in the water and let the waves rush up on him. It was one of the cutest things ever. There was tiny shells being washed up constantly - Coy thought it was fun to pick up handfuls and throw them.
Coy & Kohl {Holly Beach, Louisiana, May 30, 2011}
Uncle Josh & Kohl {Holly Beach, Louisiana, May 30th, 2011}

This is the first part of our trip - this blog would be a mile long if I posted the other half with it - stay tuned for the next part of our adventure.

Just an FYI --- Josh & I have been married for almost a year now, a week from Sunday is our one year anniversary.