Saturday, September 24, 2011

Longest Road Trip Ever

So this last week I took the last week I took a road trip with my mom, Grandma, and Aunt Connie. Josh took me to Topeka last Friday (9-16) to meet up with them so I could ride out to Owensboro, Kentucky where my brother & family recently moved to. It was about an 11 hour drive but well worth it. The drive was beautiful - lots of trees and sites I'd never see before. Besides for flying to New York, Georgia, and Florida, I'd never been east of KC. We stopped for lunch in Columbia at Fazzoli's. I got to see the St. Louis arch and the Cardinal's Stadium for the first time as we drove through.
Then we headed on to Illinois, Indiana, and finally Kentucky. Cole and Cason were (im)patiently waiting for us to arrive. We had to take a detour route through Evansville, Indiana because a bridge was out. Jer called 2 miles away from our turn on S-40 (great timing! otherwise we would have been so frustrated). Once we got there Jer fixed up tacos and we celebrated Cason's 7th Birthday (that was the day before). He wanted to save his ca
ke for when we got there.
We mainly hung out and talked for that evening. We all knew the next morning was going to be early - Cason had a football game at 9 and Cole at 2. It was so great to get to see more than 10 minutes of their games this year. Last year I caught 10 minutes of their games before shooting a wedding. Regretting not going to more of them last year I wanted to at least make one this year. Cason played the entire game - doing awesome even though their team lost 13-0. The refs were so terrible. Granted, it's flag football but come on. One kid kneed another boy in the crotch - they're 5-6 --- good grief.
Everyone braving the rainy weather. (Grandma, Aunt Connie, Jeremy, Mom, & Amy)
Cason got to be a captain - #31.
Cason #31 (2011 Giants Football)
In between the games - Aunt Connie, Grandma, Mom, Amy & I went to Joanns to check out the fabric for the projects we were able to tackle. We got materials for a headboard and to cover Amy's kitchen chairs. That took more time than we'd ever thought. Once we checked out we headed for home. (and we had to go back because they overcharged us). Jer ordered a pizza from "Pizza by the guy" so we picked it up on the way home before Cole's game. It was delicious! Then we were off for Cole's game. Cole got to play nose tackle for the first half and his first time playing quarter back for this team the 2nd half. They won 33-0. It was awesome getting to see him play. They're both growing up so fast!

Cole also got to be a captain that day - #54

Cole got to run the extra point in.

Mom, Amy & I went to TJ Maxx after Cole's game and found 2 of Amy's barstools. They're GORGEOUS! We're keeping a look out for a 3rd since there's space. The rest of that day mom and I worked on covering Amy's chairs and starting the head board project.
Mom & I with our masterpiece

Sunday we had a big breakfast and then Jeremy took mom, Grandma, and I around Owensboro, showing us the boys' school, future schools, downtown, the Ohio River, and his office.
Mom & I at the Ohio River in Owensboro, Kentucky
We stopped by Lowes for a hanger for the headboard and headed back home. Mom & I worked all day on the headboard and then went to Kirklands for some new home furnishings. We then had a big family dinner at Cheddars. Good food except whether its Wichita, KS or Owensboro, KY they always screw up my meal and I have to wait forever. So it's not my favorite place to go anymore.

Side note -- all 3 nights Cole and I shared a bed. Every time I'd move he'd be right next to me --- feet, leg, arm, whatever in my side or back. Such a weird sleeper but Cason's almost worse --- Cason tried to pick my nose when we had the boys this summer.

Unfortunately, Monday morning came and we had to head for Branson, Missouri after the boys went off to school. That drive seemed to take forever and ever. We left Owensboro about 8:20 and got to our hotel at 6 - checked in finally at 6:30 because they didn't have our reservation right. Before getting to our hotel we made a pit stop at Russell Stover's candy for some goodies. We also had dinner at the famous, Lambert's in Ozark, Missouri. They throw hot fresh rolls at you. I got the privilege of catching most of them for our table. They were yummy but they were hot when catching them.

We had a beautiful condo tucked away at the south side of Branson. We went to the Lee Greenwood/Louise Mandrill show at the Welk resort. It was a beautiful theater --- I loved the curtains. Not my type of show but it was fun. He sang "Please Come to Boston" - I have now heard Lee Greenwood, Wade Bowen, David Allen Coe, and Garth Brooks sing it live. Wade's my favorite by far! Grandma enjoyed it - except it was too loud for her.

The next day we stopped at the Tanger outlets for some fun quick shopping. Never in my life would I think I would agree to going into Coach - but it was an outlet so mom & I went to check it out. We both ended up with purses --- on sale big time. With a $5 donation to the support of breast cancer, you got an additional 30% off. I still haven't took "Madison" out of her bag except to show my husband - who still thinks I'm nuts. She's beautiful and I'm in love haha. I went to check out the Disney store while everyone else went to Harry & David's. I found some reasonable shirts for Kohl & Coy to start my Christmas shopping. It'll be here before I know it.

After our Tanger Outlet experience we headed south outta town to Arkansas to cut across to Oklahoma and back down to Plano to see more family. We had Girlandi's (sp?) pizza - a coal brick over pizza. It was good surprisingly. When I found out their "hamburger" was a meatball I was not too thrilled. But I was starving and it worked. It was great to finally get to meet my cousin Matt's fiance, Cat. They're expecting a baby girl in 3 1/2 weeks - I can't wait to meet Miss Teegan also!

Mom & I stayed that night with Brian & Allison since my aunt's house is a little full at the moment but it was perfectly fine with us. We just wanted sleep. We left shortly after noon the next day to head back to Kansas. My aunt & uncle had a wedding back in Guthrie, OK that following day so they were quick to drop us off and head back south. Josh came and got me the next day after my hair appointment. So overall I traveled (technically) through 14 states (8, but some were counted twice) and 1, 982 miles + (doesn't included all of the driving around.

It was a trip I'll remember forever. I'm so glad I got to see Cole & Cason play a football game this year, help Amy with their new home, see where my brother works, the Ohio River, Branson, and my Texas family.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I can't believe it's September

Holy cow - it's September?! The last few weeks have been a complete blur. Josh & I have been helping his mom fix up and paint their house and update. We spent last weekend there -- got new furniture, a carpet cleaner, and I huge up more pictures. I'm almost done -- I run outta steam about 11 at night. But by Christmas it'll be all done -- I HOPE!

September is the month of birthdays --- I heard on the radio the other day it's the most popular month for birthdays. It starts with my brother, Josh (5th), Mom (7th), cousin's daughter Camielle (9th), cousin Brian (11th), nephew Cason (15th), high school bff Shalayne (17th), Josh's grandma Evelyn (22nd), husband Josh (23rd) -- I'm sorry if I forgot anyone. Hopefully I get to go to Kentucky to see Cason for his birthday next week -- I can't believe he's going to be 7!!!!!!!!! I remember the exact day like it was yesterday that him and Cole were born. They're growing up so fast.

I know I missed a blog last week but I've been swamped at work so maybe I'll get two up this week - highly doubt it since I have 2 more collages to design for Cox Brothers BBQ to hang in their new restaurant in Junction City. The best part about those is seeing how they live -- they travel, have fun, drink til dawn, eat delicious food.

Well, I'm going to get back to work -- or at least my new favorite website, -- makes me feel inspired again that I've lost for so long.