Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010

Can you believe Christmas is already over? No? Me either! Christmas has to be my favorite holiday of the year - I love all of the decorating and family time.

Here's my K-State Tree this year ---

I have three trees that I put up in our apartment - my K-State one, a cowboy tree, and a hot pink & lime green tree.

Here are the other two ---

The cowboy tree in our living room

The hot pink & lime green tree in our bedroom

Unlike last year, this year was very different --- for one, the weather - no snow unlike the foot of snow and ice we had last year. It was nice for traveling, but it didn't help with my lack of holiday spirit. A nice white Christmas is always joyful. We spent the first part of Christmas at my parents in Wellington and the other half in Tongie with Josh's mom & grandma. We had two traditional turkey dinners - so very delicious, but I'm still not going out and buying a turkey any time soon. My nephew, Cason, was sick with the flu during Christmas. But he held through and still had the holiday spirit come in and out when he was feeling better. My favorite thing he said to me before they left "I don't have any cookies for Santa, can I have some?" - ADORABLE!!!!!!!

Biggest surprise of Christmas --- Thieving Birds

So Josh picked out every gift that I got him for Christmas - except one - and whew I'm so thankful to have pulled it off. Of course, I couldn't have done it without the help of Fish & Robyn - I really can't thank them enough. Since the Thieving Birds (who are in studio today, as I write this, working on their album - YAY!!!!!!!) are "new" - their merch is limited, ok, it's almost non existent for now, but it's in the process. I saw on Robyn's facebook to come out to their show and buy a shirt, well since they don't have online shopping, and we couldn't make it to their show at Rockin' Rodeo, I texted her asking a huge favor. She talked to fish and then shipped me two shirts (like I'd only order one?!?!) on Tuesday. I thought she just regularly mailed it so I was hoping it'd be there by Friday (Christmas Eve) - the mail came at 1 ish, no shirt. I was so bummed. I told Josh I'd tell him what it was if it didn't come - so I spilled beans and told him about the shirt. Well, in the mean time, mom was outside with Willie and the fed ex guy came - HOLY CRAP!!!!!! Josh was in the bathroom so I ran to the bed room and started to wrap it. He came in there and go what's that?!?! I said it's another gift mom forgot about for my brother Josh. He bought it hook, line, and sinker. About 4:30 or so - we started to open gifts. This year we did it before dinner since not many were around and with Cason being sick. I made sure Josh opened the shirt last - I said, I don't care what you open, this one just has to be last. Oh the temptation :)

He was so shocked! Thank you again for helping me with this Robyn :)

Here's some of my favorites from Christmas ---

A gift from my mom, this unique horseshoe tree - Love it!

My brothers, Jeremy & Josh, & I

My nephews, Cole (8) and Cason (6)

My family

My amazing mom & I on Christmas morning


  1. I have never had a white Christmas...ever! This was the first Christmas in about 7 years that I actually wore a sweater!:( We have a Rockin' Rodeo here is Valdosta too! I never go there, but it's a dance club with bands. It's close to the base, so it's mainly Airforce guys...gross! haha

  2. The horse shoe tree is so cute!