Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Time

As Josh & I prepare to head to our parents' homes this weekend I'm sitting here reflecting on some of my favorite Christmas memories. My first memories of Christmas were spent with my big brothers at Mom & Dad's. We'd always go to Wal-Mart or somewhere to get our family photos taken.

Here's a look at my favorite Christmas pictures of the last 24 years...

Jeremy, Amy & Santa
Helping mom wrap presents
Josh & Amy (1989?)

I love my big brothers!
My all-time favorite picture of my brother Josh & I
I looked forward to my cousins coming to Grandma's all year. This was the one time we all got to be together in one spot. Now as we've grown up and started to get married and have families of our own now I doubt we will ever get together again like this. I miss this so incredibly much. It was always fun getting to see everyone.

This blog planned to be longer than I have posted but time got away from me and well, so did Christmas. I will just leave this one as what it is and continue on.

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