Wednesday, September 8, 2010

...end of a dirt road...

So I was going to blog next about the 2nd part of our honeymoon - but something much more drastic has unfolded in the last 4 hours of my life...well, a lot of lives..A lot of friends that I love dearly....I have to get my thoughts out now while I can......

I knew I shouldn't have got out of bed this morning...and here's why...(minus the fact I fell back asleep this morning) ----- but my favorite band, the band that played the night of Josh & I's first kiss, the band that played the night Jess & Cade got engaged, the band that played at OUR WEDDING broke up tonight.......

It started when Patrick called Josh to say something had happened to one of the members of the band. They're not just a band to us, they're amazing friends with a kick ass talent. So I texted Beau & Josh texted John to see if everyone was okay. They were fine and knew nothing about the cancellation...this was followed by a meeting and then the worst news of the year .... Kyle is going solo and now there isn't a Kyle Bennett Band.

I didn't know 74 days ago would be the last time I saw the KYLE BENNETT BAND in concert. The last song that I heard them play was the one I sang with my husband the last song of our wedding. I didn't know the start of our lives would be the final chapter of the Kyle Bennett Band concert series for Josh & I. We are both in a rut this evening, sending our hearts out to our friends that are affected by this tragedy. I hope things get worked out and they will be together again someday but that is in the hands of the powers at be.

I have seen so many changes in bands the last 4 years I can't keep track - I've seen so many great artists...but these guys were my favorite, and still will be. I know we will be seeing them in the future...whether it's going down to visit or on a stage somewhere..Love you guys!

*The first time I met some of the Kyle Bennett Band - 1.12.08 - Amy & Kyle, Amy & John, and Amy & Fish

Josh, Kyle, & Amy - 4.18.08

Josh & Amy with the Kyle Bennett Band at the Flint Hills Music Fest Sept. 28, 09

Josh & Amy with the Kyle Bennett Band, December 2009

Our last Kyle Bennett Band show, our wedding, June 26, 2010

I have so many pictures of these guys - I will always remember the great times we had...The donut shop, McDonalds, the stories will always go on forever. I wish them all the best, they will always hold a place in my heart.

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