Wednesday, September 15, 2010

..for love of the music..

I'm getting better at this whole blogging's only been a week since my last one. So much has gone on in the last week. From my previous post, my favorite BAND, parted ways - well, one went one direction and four went in another. I will never forget the "Kyle Bennett Band" - how can I? I've known these guys for the last almost 3 years. I've been to every show they played at Longhorns...took a few to the Donut Shop & McDonalds (Seilder & Fish) - and many drunken nights in in depth conversations about everything under the sun. Many develops have came out since last Wednesday - Kyle had "creative differences" and the others stood their ground. There will always be two sides to every this case 5, but I will always cherish my memories of the "Kyle Bennett Band". I'm still dreading/excited for our wedding video. I'm not sure how watching it will go knowing that was our last concert.

The BAND - Fish, Beau, Rody & John - will be playing at Spencer's Corner on October 7th with this guy, Ace. I'm really hoping we can make the trip - to see them and my newest cousin, Camielle, that was born almost a week ago and Miss Robyn. We need a getaway - some relaxation and fun. We have more friends in the Fort Worth area now than we do in Manhattan. Our friends down there are becoming more like family and we're so thankful for them. We know they're all going through a rough time and constantly having to deal with the bullshit of life. We only wish them the best through this time, and HOPEFULLY we can come party on the 7th!

A new best friend of mine, Robyn, she came up from Texas for our wedding without ever meeting us. I wish her & Fish only the best in their journey together. Love you guys!

Can you believe Josh & I have been married for 81 days? Our wedding is still a blur. I can look at the pictures over and over again but all of that planning over and gone. I really need something to help pass my time while Josh works nights at the bar. Who knows - scrapbooking is fun and depressing. And after last week, I really don't want to think about good memories being put in a book and stuck on a shelf.

I've tried cooking again - I'm actually a good cook if I want to be. It's just very time consuming and exhausting. Thanks to Amy from & her go-to Tuesday meals - I've now mastered a new dip, stuffed shells, and now chicken puffs. You can find all of the recipes and more on her blog. I'll try to post pictures sometime of my cooking skills. I'm weird and take pictures of the steps to one day put together a favorite recipe scrapbook/cookbook. Who knows if that will ever get done. I've had that planned for about 3 years now. I think I'm up to about 6 recipes.

Guess who's birthday is today? CASON!!!!!!!! He's 6! I called him tonight, they went to Chuck E Cheese's tonight and he got "dollars" for his birthday. I was lucky enough to be home last weekend and got to have lunch Sunday with Jeremy & his family at Red Robin. I can't believe my little man is 6 years old - I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.

I couldn't find the image online that I wanted to use of Cason, this is the youngest one I could find. Cole is on the left, and Cason the right.

They're both playing football this fall - I hope to make it to at least a game a piece so I can get some good pictures of them scoring touchdowns. Cason had 3 last weekend and Cole had an interception that saved the game.

The last couple of weeks we've acquired quite a few new cds to our collection. One of my favorites is the new 80 Proof Band cd - LD Whitehead, so kindly gave Josh and I our own companies for a wedding gift. I love "Fools Love Song" - I tell ya, that should be the next single. It has great potential and I think a lot of people can relate to it. Josh also went on his CD binge and bought the new Ryan Bingham & Dead Horses cd - Junky Star. By far my favorite CD by Ryan. I enjoyed his two songs in "Crazy Heart" - GREAT movie if you haven't watched it. Also, the new Cory Morrow & Randy Rogers cd. Cory's sounds good - nothing to out of the ordinary for him. And well, Randy's, just add another "goodbye" to it. I think if he could only talk about one subject, heartache and goodbyes. I do enjoy their music, but my all time favorite Randy song, is "Like it used to be" - nothing is ever as it used to be. Also, our friends, No Justice, were in town 2 weeks ago, and thankfully I knew a guy...Steve Rice...and he so graciously gave me a copy of their new cd, "2nd Avenue". I love "Five More Minutes". :) I recommend buying these cds to anyone - support the music - they're doing what they love so we can enjoy what we love...the music. Or at least I LOVE. Live Life Loud

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