Thursday, August 25, 2011

1st weekend at home

So Josh & I have been on the go since the end of May - literally every week or weekend we have been in Louisiana, Texas, Wellington, Tonganoxie, Wichita, or wherever else. It has been fun for the most part but exhausting. This last weekend was our first official weekend at home, we have been home since last Tuesday -- so we're up to 9 days at home! Doesn't sound like much, our total will be 11 before we're on the road til November. This fall brings us to Texas for 2 weddings - John & Rachel and Fish & Robyn with a Tonganoxie wedding in between. Usually wedding season has been the summer for us but this fall we have 3 in 5 weeks to go. Our first weekend off is the 3rd week in November and well, it seems like far off but heck, Christmas is only 4 months away today. Tomorrow marks our 14 month married anniversary :) It's so crazy how time flies by!

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