Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Music is good for the Soul

So last week was the two concerts I've looked forward to since well August when they were posted. Night one --- The Thieving Birds ( were opening up for Stoney LaRue. I've seen Stoney a few times --- usually it's the same ol' show - but for once this time was different. You could actually hear and understand him and it was just hours after hours of instrumental music that puts me to sleep. The Thieving Birds got to pick what show they wanted to open for this semester - so they picked Stoney. They've been to the bar 3 times - opening for Jason Boland, Randy Rogers, and now Stoney. They of course put on an AMAZING show like always. It's always a joy to see them happy and do what they love. They gained a lot of fans up here this trip. I heard a lot of people saying "man, y'all are awesome". I could have told them that. It's always interesting when they come up - something always happens. I was wound for sound by the time we got home - 3 Vegas bombs in a row was not a good idea but whatever. :) There wasn't a trip to the donut shop, Ihop, or McDonalds --- this time it was Dennys. There wasn't ketchup involved this time in anyone's wallet -- just lots of laughter.
And the next night was my other favorite ---- Aaron Watson. This was definitely a different show than any of his ever before. Aaron and his wife & family lost their baby girl, Julia Grace last week. (Well, the 10th). She was born with Trysomy 18 - which my friends, Jenny & Lanny lost their little boy Miles to the same thing about 2 years ago. This has broken my heart for them. They are such a loving family - no one ever deserves to be put through this. I know they have put their faith and trust in the Lord and He has guided them through this pain and struggle. He had posted a blog part 1 of his Giving Julia Grace back series right before he went on stage. Me of course started to read it. I had to quit or I was just going to bawl up in the dj booth until everyone left so I could go home and cry some more. Here is his blog --
It's very emotional. It's so sad for anyone to loose a child - even worse when you know Aaron. His family is his world. But back to the show----I stood in the dj booth for awhile with my camera shooting over the 400 people there to see him (well and there was a good chunk of girls there to see Damian). Then I made my way through the crowd and stood right next to the stage. No one bothered me and I enjoyed the show like always. I gave him a hug before and after the show -- I held back the tears and avoided talking to him about Miss Julia Grace. They're in my prayers every night as they still go through this pain and reality of life and how precious it is.

Aaron took this of us during his show :)
Us with Aaron

This situation has made me realize even more how precious life is. I constantly pray for the expecting mothers that I know and don't. My cousin and his finace' just had a beautiful baby girl that morning. (About 3:30 - so when we were sitting at Denny's with the Thieving Birds). And one of my best friends, Shalayne, is due in January with a baby boy - Ezra :) I'm throwing a baby shower a week from Sunday with her sister in law and sister back home after our quick trip to Fort Worth for a wedding and new born shoot with Miss Teegan. I have more news but I can't share (and no, I'm not pregnant), but someone VERY close to me is. I can not wait to publicly share the amazing news and sonograms I got by email. I'm just asking everyone who reads this to please THINK PINK!!!!!!!

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