Thursday, August 2, 2012

Celebrating the 4th

I'm just a little late in this posting about the 4th.  Amy, Jeremy, Cole, Cason, & Kylie came to Wellington for the 4th of July for a few days.  Which meant, not only family time and the 4th of July, but a 3 day photo shoot with my sweet niece Kylie.  She is starting to laugh, coo, and cackle.  Be prepared, I'm about to bombard you with absolute cuteness!

Uncle Josh & Kylie's 1st picture together

Grandma's girl

Giggling on the way to Derby

Happy 4th!

Someone has the giggles

Cole, Uncle Josh, Cason, & Aunt Amy

Rocking her to sleep right before they went back to Kentucky

Her daddy is making her giggle

Grandpa Monty, Kylie, and Grandma Carol

Great Aunt Joan & Kylie

Hey everyone, I'm 2 months old :)

She will either love Disney or think she has a really CRAZY aunt :)

She's got Uncle Josh wrapped around her finger

Beach bunny

K-State Cutie

She's a doll

I love this little lady so much!

I bought this dress for Miss K

One of my favorite pictures of her

So bashful! :)

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