Friday, April 30, 2010

April Showers bring May Bridal Showers

Hello all! I have no idea if anyone is reading this but I figured I'd better start a blog for personal note - and see what happens...

Weddings...weddings...weddings...Our life is consumed with weddings. Last weekend, our great friends, Cade & Jess, started their life together (officially) with a beautiful ceremony & reception. Josh & I are so thankful we were apart of it. It still brings tears to my eyes just writing this. We were right there for every moment - capturing it all. I've known them for about 2.5 years - Josh has known them longer as he worked with Jess at Longhorns since he started forever ago. We were there at their actual engagement - which she included the pictures I shot in their slide show - that was very touching. Long story of their engagement - but a very Jess & Cade moment - any who ---- It was great being there for everything. I'll post pictures sometime next week on facebook after they've seen them all.

So tomorrow is my first bridal shower back in Wellington. I don't think it's set in today that tomorrow is the major start of wedding festivities to come. I'm sure tonight I'll be in a panic and nervous like always - but it'll be fun. I will get to see a lot of great friends and family and I'm excited to share this event with so many people that have affected who I am and who I've become. Next week is my other shower in Wichita - time will fly I know! I'm trying to soak everything in, but at the same time it's a whirlwind of emotion. I've cried more over this wedding than I think I have in my whole life. I'm not going to lie - it's full of happiness and disappointments. If you know me - you know I'm hard headed and stubborn, just like my father. My brothers are the same way - we just don't like to admit it. It's very sad heartening when I hear family members aren't going to be able to make it, some I understand, and others I'm disappointed. But I'm one who wants everyone here at least one last time - we're all growing and having our own families and life is crazy. I can remember back to my brothers wedding when everyone was here - but that was when I was 9 and we've grown as a family by 10.5 people and lost one. I just cherish my family so much - I want them all to know that. I understand life, but sometimes I just want to ignore it. As a bride, I have a stubborn part - I can give and take on details, but it's hard to give and take on family.

I know this is a lot of rambling, but it's becoming therapy getting this out there - for probably no one to read - but it's out there. So many details go into a wedding. I've designed about 40 or so wedding albums in the last 3 years at work - I've seen everything under the sun - from colors that work, to dresses that don't. Details that are captured, and I'm sure many are over looked. It's so many things that make up one day it's crazy. I know it will be here and gone before I'm ready to - I know things will be forgotten and I'm sure people will be left off of the guest list unintended - but it's hard to draw the line. Our reception will only hold 260 people (max) - and I know about half of the people won't show - I told my mom a long time ago we're going to have to rent a tent for the parking lot. There's just no place large enough that is any where close to reasonable in this area. Wichita became way out of budget and Manhattan was WAY out there. It amazes me how much people charge for the simplest things. I've got a lot of things accomplished - not much is left our on to - do list. I'm getting my dress altered tomorrow - well, the first of 3 fittings. I hope by the day I will love the dress - but who knows. I've had so many doubts and tears over this dress. I'm just ready for our honeymoon (still to be determined). I'm to the point of I don't care I just want to go away with Josh with white sand and blue water. He told me he'd go up to Colbert Hills and steal some sand and we'd get some food coloring for the water. Funny guy he is.

Well I'm sure I could go on and on and on some more but I'm going to stop now as I need to get ready to go get a cavity filled - yay - not. And then to pick up a box of contacts that I'm dreading because one of my most favorite-st people in the whole wide world doesn't work there anymore. But she's happy so that's what matters the most :) Love you mom #2!


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