Thursday, April 15, 2010

Surprise was a success!

Yesterday was a surprise for my bosses - John & Cindy. And here's what has happened in the last month to make it all work...

While John & Cindy were on vacation, Cindy's mom called me at the office to ask if I could help her with a surprise. The pastor at their church sings in a quartet group and she wanted them to come down and sing to them for their anniversary. So I thought up this plan - to have a wedding day consult knowing they're usually both there for I moved a team to the next day and had it all set. I called a bride and filled her in with her "consult". So everything was all set....until 2 weeks ago. John booked another team in the spot of the one I had moved...not knowing the softball coach, I contacted the ad at the high school and filled him in on the whole story. He printed off my email and shared it with the softball coach. So while I was trying to create a loop hole - John went in a cleaning frenzy on Luke's desk - well, I left Luke a note about the surprise that I thought he threw away....NOPE....Instant panic! So I messaged Luke and filled him in on the stress. I tore up the message and threw it under all of the trash - hoping and praying John hadn't found out. While on my lunch break, I called Cindy's mom to tell her how much of a pain John is for trying to book everything under the sun while I was trying to have them there at 3:30 on Wednesday. She just laughed and apologized for the stress that was going on. This last Monday I went in to work because I knew I wasn't going to be there on Tuesday. I contacted the ad and then the softball coach. Not knowing the softball coach had talked to John last Friday. John didn't erase the time because he'd moved it to the 19th. This created so much confusion on Wednesday morning - I had to keep my mouth shut. I was about to explode and just say "You both have to be here at 3:30 - no if's, and's or but's" but I didn't want to give it away. Well about 3:15 arrived and the quartet came in and sang about 4 songs for John and Cindy. They were in tears and I filled them in on this surprise. With wedding planning and everything else - this was added stress, but I'm so glad it went over well. I had Luke take some shots of this moment - so I stole one for here :)

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