Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Aunt of the Year

So I forgot to add this to my last post but I figured it needed a post of it's own. So after 9 years, yes 9 years I've finally started working on Cole & Cason's scrapbooks. I started Cole's when he was first born but I have put it off for awhile now. A lot has gone on, high school, college, wedding, etc. but a few weeks ago I decided to take their boxes of pictures I've been printing and put them together. I've got about 24 pages of Cole's done and about 7 of Cason's. Trying to do two scrapbooks at one time is challenging, plus mine. But I've put mine on the back burner to try to get caught up on their lives. Especially since baby #3 will be making her presence this spring. Which I can not wait to shoot her :) I know Cole & Cason will never read my blog, but I love this two guys with all of my heart. (And Kohl & Coy too). I'm so proud of all of their accomplishments and I miss them all so very much. They're going to all be heartbreakers, sorry girls, but these boys will break your heart, it's a fact. I wish I lived in the middle of Kentucky & Louisiana so we could see them more. I just have to keep remembering all of the happiness of the events I've been so thankful to capture. And that I will be going to see them this spring. I need to get that flight booked.

I'll post some pictures of my favorite pages once I get everything done - hopefully by Christmas. HA!

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