Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Okay so the last 3 weeks have been consumed by Netflix - we finally gave in and downloaded it through our Wii. Since the first month is free we've been watching a lot on there. Not sure if we're going to keep it every month - some months are more boring than others so we will just go month by month. It's only $8 and saves time and money from going to rent anything. Granted there are some new movies but there are a lot of older ones. And tv shows. Oh tv shows. I decided that I would check out "Sons of Anarchy" and oh my gosh Kurt Sutter is amazing! (He's the creator of the show and also appears in it as Otto). Josh and I started watching it together (the only days we have together are Sunday-Tuesday but once Wednesday is here he's back to work and I'm alone. Well, I couldn't stop watching SOA. He caught back up and we finished all 3 seasons in about 2.5 weeks. Well, there are 4 seasons out - I couldn't quit watching. So I found them online and watched them all in about 3 days. Whoa. AMAZING SHOW! Who would have ever thought I'd be just as addicted to a motorcycle show as I am??! Not me. Or Josh. I follow Kurt Sutter (@sutterink) on twitter and every time he posts a blog I read it. He's so full of charismatic shit it's fantastic. He's so point blank and screw you it's awesome! He has a countdown to SOA Season 5 premiering in September - only 222 days away :) It'll be here fast and I CANNOT wait to watch!

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  1. That show is pretty addictive! Also, your font is a little hard to read...or maybe I am just dumb and have a hard time reading cursive writing:/