Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little Miss

So here it is 30 minutes until May and my lovely little niece in Kentucky has yet to make her appearance.  Since both boys were a month early, I kept the entire month of April open (except last Saturday, April 21st).  That day I knew I had to keep my phone on me all day.  I just knew Amy was going to call or text me saying "It's time!"  I was in the middle of shooting my friend Kelly's engagement and we had just finished our 3rd location, I just got in the truck and Amy's picture popped up.  I answered it in a panic, I could hear the happiness and tears in her voice, "We're having a baby!"  She had gone into the hospital having contractions and thinking she was dilated to a 4 but then her contractions started to stop (well, get slower and more drawn out).  By 9, Mom & I were starting to panic that we hadn't heard anything.  Finally about 9:30 I heard from Amy that if nothing happened by 6:30 in the morning they were going to send her home.  So at 6:49 she texted me "We're headed home."  And so more waiting has begun....  Over a week later, Little Miss (yes, they've finally decided on a name, but I will let them post it when they want to) we are still waiting for her to grace us with her presence. 

The longer she waits to arrive the more photo ideas I'm coming up with.  I have tutus, headbands, flowers, onesies, blankets, backgrounds all ready to go.  The only thing I'm missing is her.  I am beyond thankful she did not come early like the boys.  One of the worst things I've ever had to endure is visiting Cole & Cason in the NICU for a week when they were born.  I hope and pray constantly that Little Miss will be nice and blump and ready to come home in a timely manner.  They will have to stay in the hospital for 2 days after she's born and I hope that's it.  I cannot wait to meet her!

Here's my letter to you Little Miss,

As you are about to be apart of our family, I cannot wait to meet you.  You are going to be such a blessing to our family and we are all anxious to meet you.  You are going to add such joy to our lives and we will be forever grateful. 

You have two amazing big brothers!  I've known these boys since the day they were born, and well, they're amazing!  Having two older brothers myself, they are awesome.  Yes they will be a pain, yes they will pick on you, but they will always be there.  They'll always be your big brothers there whenever you need anything at all. 

You have such amazing parents!  You will have your daddy, my big brother, wrapped around your finger the moment you enter this world.  And I hope he doesn't hid your blankie in the top of the closet like he did to me when I was young.  He will get to play Barbies with you (don't let him tell you he won't, he did it with me!)  Just leave the hair up to your mom, he was never good at ponytails.  Oh your mom, one of my best friends in this world.  She has became so close to me and such an amazing woman.  She is so strong and a beautiful & amazing mom.  I remember the day she called to tell me she was expecting you.  (Let me back up, she told me in about February they were going to start trying again for you, so I was excited then).  It was September 3rd, your Uncle Josh O. and I were having a late lunch at Chili's and she (your mom) texted me to have her call her.  Since it was loud in Chili's I waited til I got back to work and called her.  She said "well, you know how I told you we were going to start trying for another baby, well, I'm pregnant".  Overjoyed with excitement I called Josh right away freaking out!  We were going to have another amazing nephew, or our first ever niece!  I had to run up front to tell John & Cindy (my bosses) because I was so ecstatic.  ((The worst part was not saying anything to my mom, I'll explain that story in a minute)). 

And of course not being able to buy anything.  I was accustomed to not saying anything to anyone until Amy had reached her 2nd trimester.  Just a precaution and it helps not getting our hopes up in case something goes wrong.  I knew right around Christmas Amy was going in for her sonogram for the gender reveal.  And as I was packing to head to Wellington for the holidays, she called me about 5:30 (once again)...saying well we found out..what do you think it is?  I said well, I hope for a girl, but I am perfectly happy with a little boy.  She said well, it's a GIRL!  Oh baby! A girl!  Finally a niece to buy something PINK for!  I was so excited!  Jumping up and down, unable to focus on packing for 2 Christmases.  When we were in KC for Christmas, I hit up the Carter store for anything cute and "Aunt" like. 

Let me back up yet again, not telling my mom, your Grandma about you baking.  When we went to Kentucky, I whispered to Amy, are you still??? She said yes...I said okay you guys have to tell mom.  So once the boys were in bed, Jer looked at mom and said point blank, "Amy's pregnant."  There was no beating around the bush - just straight to the point. She was shocked and I tried to act surprised since I knew before her.  I know it meant more for them to tell her in person. 

And back to the present time....
It is now May (yes, it's taken me 30 minutes to write all this so far) and your official due date is in 9 days!  9 DAYS!  Single digits.  I am so excited for you to make your arrival it's going to make sleeping hard and especially the long drive ahead of us when you do make your arrival.  I simply can't wait I'm so excited. 

As your life is just beginning, I wish you all that life has to offer.  All of the happiness in the world and hope for a bright future.  I know you will be a princess spoiled to the core and loved by everyone.  I will always be here for you and I will love you always and forever little miss!

Love you to the moon & back,
Aunt Amy

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