Thursday, May 24, 2012


I figured I'd better get this part of my blog finished before summer consumes my life.  It seems like it's already been forever since my mom & I went out to Kentucky to see Amy & Jeremy's family.  Since Kylie was born on the 4th - we decided to wait a few days before heading out.  Since this was the first time one of the kids didn't have to go straight to ICU we were so thankful and had a little bit of time before heading out.  I left Manhattan at 5:40 a.m. on Tuesday, May 8th - meeting my mom at my friend Katie's in El Dorado and then taking off from there at 7:30.  And then we were off.  We stopped for lunch in Columbia at Jimmy Johns and then headed on east towards Kentucky.  I-70 East was fun the first time and then oh my goodness BORING!  I didn't drive on our first trip out there so I didn't really know the speed limits.  When you hit Illinois it's 65.  Snails pace when you're trying to make it to baseball games.  We finally arrived in Owensboro at 5:45 - thanks to our gps we were headed for their house, not the ball fields.  Which were on the other side of town.  So we made it to Cole's game after the 1st inning.  All things considered, we made good time.  Cason's game was canceled because the other team didn't want to play them.  Cole's team won 8-3 - he got to play short stop, and then catcher.  He got the last out of the game and also scored.  He had a double play which was AWESOME!

Here's a poster I designed for him for this year's Reds team ---
After Cole's game we went to Rally's for a quick burger before heading to the hospital to meet Kylie and see Amy.  Amy was admitted to the hospital the night before for high blood pressure and headaches.  Thankfully they weren't there long - til Thursday afternoon.  After loving on Kylie, we took the boys home for the night.  I had to take them to school on Wednesday & Thursday mornings.  And then mom & I went to work on their house some more.  I had printed 9 - 10x20" prints for the boys room.  I had the frames shipped to them so I knew I had to get those hung up.  They looked AWESOME upstairs in their room.
Bad camera phone picture.

 Wednesday (5.9.12) - mom & I went to the hospital to see them again.  And then we had "Pizza by the Guy" with the boys that night. 

Thursday (5.10.12) - after taking the boys to school Amy texted me that they were going to get to come home - that was exciting.  It took about 2 hours before they got dismissed but it was still exciting.

Friday (5.11.12) - GAME DAY!  Cole & Cason both had baseball games.  Since I got shoot Cole's game on Tuesday, Mom & I took Cason to his game as Jer took Cole to his.  Cason played short stop.  He did awesome!  He had a triple and scored twice.

Cason (#7-Yankees) & Cole (#22-Reds) 2012
Saturday (5.10.12) - Cole & Cason ran in the International BBQ 5K.  They did awesome!

And then Cason had a soccer game that after noon - he ran about 6 miles for the day.  He's the best one on his team.

We left on Mother's Day so mom could get back to work.  It was so hard leaving them.  I love them all and miss them so much!

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