Wednesday, June 20, 2012

{Louisiana Baby}

So I know it's been forever since I blogged last.  June has been a crazy month!  Our first week of June, I went with my husband and mother in law to Louisiana to see some family.  It's by far the longest drive of my life but well worth it.  We left the morning (5:30 a.m. yuck!) for Stephenville, Texas to meet our new niece, Josey Grace at James & Shannon's.  She was a doll!  Here are some of my favorite images - I hope I get to see her again this fall for some holiday photos :)
After visiting with Josey, Shannon, and James - we headed to Whataburger for our very late lunch/dinner.  It's Josh's favorite.  I'm afraid our home will always be divided, not with sports teams, but the Whataburger/Jack in the Box feud.  I've been a Jack in the Box girl ever since I was 11 and my cousin Mark took me, Whitney, and Matt there for dinner while the adults went somewhere else for the evening.  Flashback of that night - I wanted a cheeseburger and strawberry pop.  Well, they have both.  We ate there, rented games - Mario Party and went back to my aunt and uncle's in Clear Lake.  Later that night my cousin Miller set off a stink bomb.  We all gagged and laughed so hard. Anyways, back to our trip...from Stephenville, we headed over to Sulphur, Louisiana.  That was a good 6 hours again on the road.  I didn't drive a single mile this trip - I was the navigator the entire time.  We arrived in Sulphur around midnight.  Kohl & Angie were still awake to greet us.  Josh & I headed straight over the cabin to go to sleep.  It was so nice to finally sleep.  I'd been up since 4:30 - and only slept about 4 hours of the trip.  -Another side fact, this day was also my parents' 41st wedding anniversary! :)

6.6.12 - First full day in Louisiana.
Well, just like last year, we went the store.  I give Angie crap about going to the store because we went about every day last year.  And well, that part of our trip didn't change.
Headed into Kroger :)

Me with my Louisiana nephews, Kohl & Coy

Coy absolutely loves his Uncle "Gosh"
That afternoon I took their family photos before Justin left for Wyoming. This year Coy was an absolute ham when it came to taking pictures.

The next couple of days we didn't do a whole lot - just bumming around the house.  And of course eating some delicious food!

On Saturday, June 9th - we did our annual trip to Holly Beach.  Not the prettiest beach in the world, but it's a beach, with shells and waves.  Here are some of my favorite images from the beach.

The next evening (Sunday) I wanted to shoot the boys in their "cowboy" outfits.  We send them shirts every Christmas.  Here are some of my favorites of these two goofballs.

On Monday - our last day there - I turned 25!  We didn't do much, but I did jump on the trampoline, blow bubbles and fly kites with the boys.  Josh took me to my favorite, Jack in the Box for an early lunch.  We did a little shopping, and we even stopped at the store.

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