Friday, September 7, 2012

{End of a Chapter}

They say you have to end a chapter in life before you can start the next one.  Well on September 22, Josh & I will end a chapter of our lives.  Josh got a new job this week at Harrah’s in North KC doing security.  He will be working 4 days a week, 10 hour shifts.  I’m very excited and proud of him for finding a full time job with benefits.  But this also has some sadness.  He put in his two weeks at Longhorns Saloon on Wednesday.  He’s worked there ever since the 1st night I saw him on June 16, 2007.  Yes, I remember that date – my roommates and I were celebrating my 20th birthday that ended in a trip to the bar where an old roommate worked.   Before Josh & I even started dating, I was standing in the dj booth with him one night, and thought to myself, jeeh, it sure would be nice to date someone like him.  Needless to say, 2 months later, Josh & I started dating at this bar.

Things have definitely changed at the bar – it’s not what it used to be by any means.  But I will not dwell on the drama and bullshit that we’ve dealt with the last 5 years – we have to move on from that crap.  I’ve very glad that part will no longer be a part of our lives.

As his time is coming to a close there, I remember all of the wonderful times, great friends I’ve met, and so much amazing talent that I’ve watched on stage.  I’ve seen so many wonderful talents hit that stage, and if concerts continue, I will always go see my favorites.  I have not, and will not miss my favorites.  From my first concert there – the Eli Young Band my sophomore year of college, to the last one I went to – Corey Smith (a favorite of mine I’ve wanted to see longer than I’ve known Josh).  There are so many shows that mean so much to me.  I will always love the old Kyle Bennett Band – they played at our wedding.  Josh & I had our first kiss after their show on Jan. 12, 2008.  And the countless nights of jagerbombs, trips for breakfast, and kick ass music by the guys.   So here’s to seeing Fat Dixie play and kick ass every single time.  And to Josh & Jared doing countless tequila shots at every show; here’s to Wayne Hubbard and his flaming Dr. Peppers on the bar; here’s to Fifty Dollars and a Flask of Crown; here’s to spending Valentine’s Day 2008 with Wade Bowen; here’s to seeing Casey Donahew opening for Johnny Cooper; here’s to never missing an Aaron Watson show;  here’s to standing front row at Randy Rogers Band CD release party; here’s to having long conversations with Bart Crow after his shows about life; here’s to standing front row with Lindsay at Stoney LaRue for the first time; here’s to seeing David Allen Coe, Jamey Johnson, and Clay Walker perform.  Here’s to our 80 Proof Cd that LD gave us for a wedding gift, here’s to all the free tshirts I still wear proudly; here’s to Bobby Dale singing “I’ll Be” for me after hours; here’s to painkillers with No Justice; here’s to Fake Patty’s Day with Seasonal Labor; here’s to every time seeing Reckless Kelly & Micky and the Motorcars; here’s to “Falling with Style” with Jason Boland and the Stragglers; here’s to the Josh Abbott Band for always having a great show; here’s to the John D. Hale Band – such sweethearts from Missouri.  Here’s to shooting the Flint Hills Music Fest – going on stage, in front of the crowd, and backstage with everyone.  I will never forget a single show. 
I really can’t even begin to thank everyone that we’ve met that means so much to us.  It’s so hard but I’m going to try --- Aaron Watson, you will always be a favorite.  Your music is amazing, and well, you’re such an all around great entertainer and person, we will always go anywhere to see you play.  Thank you so much for all of the amazing memories.  I will never forget the day Josh proposed, he was going to do it during Aaron’s show at stampede, but he waited until afterwards.  We spent the entire day on the bus with the guys hanging out.  To his band and tour manager – Jason, Jondan, D, Clint, Caleb, Chris, Sharpie, Brian, and Dave.  You guys have always been the nicest guys to drive around and hang out with.  I will never forget hearing Aaron’s stories about his wife’s shopping, and his kiddos.  I will never forget Miss Julie Grace that’s watching down over her daddy and family. 

To the Kyle Bennett Band/Thieving Birds – you guys will always mean the world to us.  So many wonderful memories have came from your shows, and even my favorite show, our wedding.  You have made us feel so welcome, inviting us to weddings, letting us stay with you, treating us like friends.  We will always love you.   To their wives that have became some of my best friends in the state of Texas.  Especially Robyn – you came to our wedding without ever meeting us – you let us stay with you when we came to see the guys’ first show at Spencer’s.  Thank you so much for everything!

To Bart Crow, you’re amazing.  Your shows are always of rock star quality, and you’re such a sweetheart.  To everyone that’s ever been kind enough to take a picture with me, I thank you – those are memories I’ll always cherish.  I know I’m forgetting a lot, but I have the pictures and scrapbooks to remind of everything.  

Here’s to starting date Josh after the K-State rodeo, here’s to every night we’ve shared together there. Thank you to so many memories of great friends – seeing Jess & Cade get engaged (and being there to photograph it), here’s to taking  my mom there on Halloween before going to a bridal shower the next day.  Here’s to so many nights with old roommates watching concerts; here’s to drinking in Pepsi cups J, here’s to the bands that have impacted our lives, and here’s to all of the memories I will never, ever forget.  I will never forget all of the great friends that I’ve made, all of the people that have worked with Josh that I’ve grown to become friends with.  Here’s til next time…

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  1. OMG. Just brought tears to my eyes. Good luck to the both of you. And hopefully Longhorns will bring us all together again someday!