Thursday, September 20, 2012


So I know my last post about Josh quitting the bar was a little on the sappy side.  Well, that's how I'm still feeling about this being his last week.  And well, tonight is his last concert.  Every bar concert I've been at - he's been there.  Even when I didn't know him at my first Eli Young Band show my sophomore year of college. 

I can't even begin to count how many good memories I have there.  From the people that Josh worked with, old locals that I'd see every weekend.  I've really enjoyed meeting so many people, and keeping in contact with the ones that will always have a place in my heart.

The main part, besides seeing Josh, for my reasoning of going to the bar was CONCERTS!  And it still will be if concerts continue.  I know Bart Crow, Aaron Watson, and Josh Abbott are coming up.  I know I will NOT MISS Bart & Aaron.  And well, I may be in Kentucky when Josh is here.  Even though Josh is leaving, I can't quit concerts cold turkey.  Granted, I haven't been to that many this year - it was getting old.  Set lists were the same, friends moved, and well, sitting in the dj booth wasn't the best time of my life.  Granted, I'm way over people, and I like my space, but it got boring.

I've heard time and time again the last few weeks - a new chapter.  Yes, I know this.  And well, I'm getting tired of hearing it.  It's not only a new chapter in Josh's life, but mine as well.  This is a huge step in our lives together.  But before I have to end this chapter, I have spent time re-reading so to say the last 5 years of my life.  Today I composited a piece of some of my favorite moments and people.  I've been so thankful to have met such wonderful and hard working artists.  I've given countless rides to hotels, the mall and Wal-Mart (Aaron!), even gone out to eat (before and after shows....)  Josh & I can never go to iHop without thinking of Ace from the Thieving Birds asking this couple next to us if they were on their first date, second date, and if they wanted some eggs.  I get tears of laughter thinking about it...and Seidler's "I hate" list....All I can remember is "cheese sticks, and the key of B"...Josh & I laughed until we cried hearing Rody read off the list.  Oh..and the trip to the Donut Shop with Fish & Seidler and their tires of a donut.   I have so many memories it'd take me 5 years to type them all out.

I will miss this place...not the bullshit...but the good times.

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