Friday, July 15, 2011

{Cole & Cason} Sneak Peek

So I've spent the last 6 days with two of the most wonderful guys in my life...Cole & Cason. I was there the day both of them were born and remember them both vividly. I had asked my sister in law, Amy, if I could take the boys to the Omaha Zoo before they moved to Kentucky and then last week she told me she had to go to Kentucky with Jeremy and her mom so she asked if I could watch the boys til they got back until Friday. I'd never had the boys this long. Well, no one had. Amy had only been away from them about 4 days when her and Jer went to Vegas. I was excited and VERY nervous. I know how rambunctious these two can get when they're not busy. I had a week of activities to do to keep them busy. *I'll do the next post about our week, but for now I wanted to share two of my favorite images from our little photo shoot we did last night.
Cason & ColeWe got lucky and the gate to the stadium was open.
Go State!

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