Thursday, July 7, 2011

{Small Claim to Fame}

So I'm going to continue my blog post about our anniversary weekend....

Josh and I were able to go see our friends - the Thieving Birds ( for their CD Release party. Granted, we've had their CD since February - before radio stations :) Needless to say - I've had every song memorized since February. Haha! It's an AMAZING CD! My favorite --- which, I'm very thankful they released --- "Hey, Leigh" --- LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! PLEASE go listen and buy their music. They're AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
Josh & I at Wet Willie's (6.25.11)
Fish & Josh doing their before show jagerbombJohn & Josh doing their before show jagerbomb

I'm pretty sure too many jagerbombs were consumed by the end of the night by these 3.

So I didn't take my big camera to this show - probably should have, but I just wanted to have fun and take a few with my point and shoot. It's much easier and I didn't know how smokey the bar would be. The last time I took my camera into a smokey bar (Spencer's Corner) it smelled for days.

Josh, Rachel, Me, & John - John & Rachel are the next to get married this October!

Asscheeks -- Inside joke but that's them. It took about 2 hours to get this photo - as you can see, I'm the only normal one of the group :) This was after Beau tried to get everyone to pack up his drum set, Josh tried to pick up Rody, and who knows what else. It was such a great time being able to go to their CD release show.

But the best part about their CD Release (minus the CD) -----Our small claim to fame -- we're in their Thanks yous --- well, twice. Rody put in a Thank You to us also. When they were up here the last time they told us they were thanking us like 4 times but they had to condense it down. I am still flabbergasted they thanked us in there. We just love supporting good music.

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