Thursday, July 7, 2011

{One Year Anniversary}

It's so incredibly hard to believe that our one year anniversary has already came and gone. It seems like yesterday I was working countless hours on planning our big day. We'd planned on going to the Rangers vs. Mets game since our trip down to Texas last October/November-whenever they posted their schedule. I would have loved to have gone to a night game, but it was a 2:05 game - in June - in Texas. Woof. It wasn't too hot. Just the sun. Oh the sun. I came home with a lovely sunburn on my legs, shoulder, neck, and nose. We had a blast though going. We sat in the Lexus club level (2nd level) which gave you access to the Quervo club - which we had $7.50 hot dogs and fries for lunch. At least our pops were free. It was great to go to a stadium again and watch a ball game. Being to a million games before in my life -- it was nice to go to a new stadium (even though they needed a little help on their dirt work :S) but other than that it was nice.Josh & I in our new Texas gear before going to the game. He wanted a jersey and we found this and my shirt (a tank top) the day before. Such a smart idea -- mine was cooler. His, well, not so much.
Walking up to Rangers stadium

View from our seats

Josh & I with the stadium behind us
After the game .. the Rangers lost :(

After the game we went to the Movie Tavern & had dinner and movie. (Cars 2)

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