Sunday, July 17, 2011

{When I look to the Sky}

When I look to the sky, something tells me you're here with me and that everything will be alright. - Train

Today has been one of the worst days of my life and hoping that my Tylenol pm will kick in at some point I'm going to get today off my chest (or attempt to).

So this morning, at 9 a.m., one of my best friends since 2nd grade called me to tell say that her mother had passed away this morning. She texted me at 5:19 - which I didn't hear - saying "Amy, she's gone." When my phone rang I knew something was wrong. Once I saw it was Shalayne, I knew what had happened before reading the text and calling her back. My heart automatically sank.

I've known Peggy for as long as I can remember. My brother, Josh, was friends with Shalayne's brother, Gary since they were young and the first memory of Shalayne and I becoming friends was when she sent a picture of her over saying "I guess we can be friends" on the back. Still to this day cracks me up.

Peggy was a wonderful lady. I can't how many times we've talked about anything and everything. I remember going with her to watch Shalayne cheer at a WSU game the night before I got my wisdom teeth out and we went for my "last meal" to Braums to have burgers and ice cream. I had the privilege of taking their family photo two years ago - it still seems like only yesterday. I remember going out to the lake on the boat, sitting with her at WHS football games while Shalayne cheered, and spending my 17th birthday at the Wellington Relay for Life with them, her wonderful smile and laugh. One of the saddest things I've ever witnessed was when I was home for Christmas break my freshman year and Peggy was starting to loose her hair again and she had Shalayne cut it in front of me. The braveness that Shalayne and her family have gone through throughout the last 13 years of Peggy's battles with cancer are amazing to me. They're all heros - Peggy is a hero.

I can't even imagine loosing my mom, nor do I want to - so I can't even begin to feel what Gary Sr., Gary Jr., Shalayne, Kayla, Karissa, Kasiaha, Sawyer, Mason, and the new baby bean to be here in Jan. My heart goes out to them as they go through this time.

Every time I think of her my eyes fill with tears. This will be one of the worst trips back to Wellington I will have to make. When Curtis passed away, my mom was sick and couldn't go with me to the viewing - Peggy & Shalayne were right there with me for support and love.
“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.” - Eskimo Proverb

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