Friday, June 17, 2011

{Louisiana Vacation 2011} (1/2)

Hey everyone! What a crazy and insane month this has been and it's only half way through. I'll start at the beginning and see how far I get. The first part of the month started 13 hours away from home in the state of Louisiana. It was great to go back down there and visit my sister in law, Angie, and her family.

We left Friday (May 27th) at 9:30 p.m. We had to make a pit stop in Wellington to drop off a few things before heading south. So about 12:00 we were on our way south. I was awake most of this trip going down because I had the gps on my phone. Josh drove until 7 am and then Brenda took over. We got to Angie's about 11:15 the next morning. Right in time to go pick up Kohl from his last day of kindergarten.
The next day (Saturday) - we went into Lake Charles to the park by the lake and there was a water/splash pad for the boys. Coy wasn't too sure about it at first but then he got into it.

We ate lunch at the Dairy Barn - it reminded us a lot of Disney. They had so many antique Disney figures and collectibles it was awesome. The food was good and reasonable for 6 people eating.

The next morning as soon as we got up - Kohl wanted to go fishing. I'm not a fisher person -- at all. But I was going to take pictures & work on my tan. So off we went in about 95 degree weather over to a pond on the land they live on. After about 10 casts, they caught one. I couldn't believe it. And well, neither could Josh. He's not much of a fisher but he had to deal with this one. After flipping it over and getting it off the hook, they put it back into the pond. It was fun to go out there with Kohl. He really enjoyed it.

The next day (Monday, the 30th) was one of my favorites. We went to Holly Beach. It's about 35 miles south of Sulphur. We went their our first trip so I was excited to go back. I love the ocean (even if it was the Gulf of Mexico). It was incredibly windy that day. The sand hurt like crazy on my legs but it was worth it. Kohl was so excited to take his bucket and pick up shells. He filled up his and Coy filled up some of his. I only took a bag this time but still gathered quite a bit.
Coy wasn't too sure about the whole ocean/water/wind thing but after he realized it was okay he just sat right down in the water and let the waves rush up on him. It was one of the cutest things ever. There was tiny shells being washed up constantly - Coy thought it was fun to pick up handfuls and throw them.
Coy & Kohl {Holly Beach, Louisiana, May 30, 2011}
Uncle Josh & Kohl {Holly Beach, Louisiana, May 30th, 2011}

This is the first part of our trip - this blog would be a mile long if I posted the other half with it - stay tuned for the next part of our adventure.

Just an FYI --- Josh & I have been married for almost a year now, a week from Sunday is our one year anniversary.

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