Wednesday, June 22, 2011

{Louisiana Vacation 2011} (2/2)

Well, I figured I'd better get the 2nd part of our vacation blogged because I still have so much more about June --- and well, June is almost over.

Wednesday night was one of the highlights for me. I got to have a photo shoot with Justin, Angie, Kohl & Coy. My most favorite thing to shoot has to be my family. My four nephews are such a big part of my life and love -- the simplicity and joy in their eyes makes my heart happy. I know that's cheesy - but hey, it's real.
I love this image of themJustin, Coy, Angie, and Kohl {2011}
Kohl & Coy with the shirts we bought them for Christmas last year.

Kohl & I spent a lot of time coloring together. I bought a 2 pack of images from Target of Toy Story pictures. I colored one, and Kohl & Brenda colored the other one. Aunt Amy & Kohl coloring

The finished product (4 years of art school baby!)

The last day we were there was filled with the pool and water balloons. It was a nice way to end our week long stay in Louisiana. We left Sulphur at 8:50 at night to arrive in Manhattan at 10:30 the next morning, shower, and head to a wedding in Hiwatha. We were state travelers in 3 days --- Louisiana to about Nebraska back to Wellington (20 minutes from the Oklahoma border). Whew. Typing that still wears me out.

Hopefully I'll get to blog my parents anniversary later today or tomorrow before we head to Texas for our 1 year anniversary. It's crazy how fast time flies. I started this blog to keep track of wedding events and frustrations and now we're about to celebrate our 1 year!

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