Thursday, May 26, 2011

..101 Things in 1001 Days..

101 Things to do in 1001 Days – Created May 21, 2011 – to be finished by February 15, 2014 (colored and bolded = completed)
1. Write my name in the sand (05-30-11)
Spend a day at the beach (05-30-11)
3. Go on a random road trip (06.24.11-06.27.11)
4. Get a passport
5. Go on a Caribbean cruise
6. Go on an Alaskan cruise
7. Go to Las Vegas
8. Go to the Omaha Zoo (7.11.11)
9. Go to Impact Wrestling (3.2.12)
10. Go to a WWE Live event with Josh (1.30.12)
11. Go to Hawaii – See volcanoes, whales, white sand, blue water, Pearl Harbor
12. Go to Memphis
13. Go to Nashville
14. Go to Myrtle Beach
15. Go to Ireland
16. Go to Boston
17. Go to a Texas Rangers baseball game (06.26.11)
Go to the CD Release party of the Thieving Birds on June 25th
19. Go to Owensboro, Kentucky to see family
20. Shoot a tropical wedding
21. Go whale watching
22. Swim with dolphins
23. See Mount Rushmore
24. Go to Mexico
25. Go to Port Aransas
26. See the Ohio River
27. See the pyramids in Egypt
28. Ring in the New Years in New York City
29. Go to Chicago
30. Visit Austin, Texas
31. See the Liberty Bell
32. Go on a family vacation with Josh’s family (5-30-11 to 6-3-11)
33. Go on a family vacation with my family (9.16-9.22-11)
34. Go to Philadelphia and have a cheese steak
35. Visit the Grand Canyon
36. Visit Cabo San Lucas
37. Visit one of Guy’s Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives spots(Grinders in KC on 5.20.13)
38. Go to Lulu’s Bakery in San Antonio and have a gigantic cinnamon roll
39. Go to DisneyLand
40. Go to SeaWorld in San Diego or San Antonio
41. Do the 3 bridge tour in NYC (Williamsburg, Manhattan, and Brooklyn Bridge)
42. Go to Universal Studios Hollywood
43. Go to Seattle
44. Go to Hawaii with my mom
45. Go to the Riverwalk in San Antonio with Josh
46. Go to the Fort Worth Stock Show
47. Visit all 50 states (15/50
Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Colorado, Nebraska, Georgia, Florida, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina)

48. Make plans to travel to another country
49. Visit Washington D.C.
50. Visit Yellowstone National Park
51. Visit NYC and do all of the tourist things – Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Broadway, Hot Dog Vendor, etc.
52. Visit Australia
53. Ride in a hot air balloon
54. Family trip to Disneyworld
55. Take all 4 of my nephews someplace fun and memorable (4/4)
Kohl & Coy to the beach on 5.30.11
Cole & Cason to the Omaha Zoo on 7.11.11
56. Ride the rides at Wizarding World of Harry Potter (11.15-18.2011)
57. Go to the San Diego Zoo
58. Fly first class
59. Attend a concert at the following venues:
a. Billy Bob’s, Texas
b. Gruene Hall
c. Wet Willie’s
d. Cain’s Ballroom
e. Rockin' Rodeo
Relationship with Josh
60. Finish our honeymoon scrapbook
61. Kiss in the rain
62. Go on a picnic
63. Make a birthday cake for him
64. Ride in a carriage at Christmas time at the Plaza in Kansas City
65. Eat dinner by candle light
Scrapbook our wedding
Celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary on a small getaway vacation
68. Take pictures in a photobooth (06.04.11 - BK & Jaclyn's wedding)
69. Complete a 365 day photo challenge
70. Identify 100 things that make me happy
71. Own all 10 seasons of “Friends” (10/10)
72. Make a wish at 11:11 on 11-11-11
73. Attend the premiere of a movie (7.15.11 - Harry Potter)
74. Make a custom recipe book
75. Archive and organize all of my family photos
76. Pay off my student loans/credit cards
77. Learn to decorate cakes
78. Find the perfect little black dress
79. Update my blog at least once a week (39/52)
80. Take a picture of each letter of the alphabet in nature again (4/26)
81. Research my family history
82. Finish a scrapbook
83. Finish Cole’s Scrapbook
84. Finish Cason’s Scrapbook
85. Make homemade bread
86. Make a card for someone instead of buying it
87. Organize my scrapbook supplies
88. Own two pugs (a boy and a girl)
89. Watch all 8 Harry Potter movies in one week (7.9-7.15.11)
90. Create a playlist of songs that make me feel happy
91. Learn to cook 5 new meals (5/5)
92. See Corey Smith in concert
93. See Miranda Lambert in concert
94. Meet Jeff Hardy (3.2.12)
Someday (probably not within this time frame)
95. Have a new car
96. Have a baby
97. Buy a new computer and wacom tablet
98. Win $500 on a scratch ticket
99. buy a Coach purse
100. Win the jackpot
101. Complete this list
Completed (44/101)

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