Friday, May 20, 2011

Food Networks - Great Food Truck Race

So a week ago, Manhattan, Kansas was consumed by graduation and something excited and unusual. A national network television show being filmed here. Not many exciting things happen in Manhattan anymore. It's cool to live here when you're in college, but after that - incredibly boring. It was fun to have something to do and look forward to. Cindy first told me about them coming to Manhattan earlier in the week - I was thinking ok cool - maybe we'll go by. Then she said there was a gourmet grilled cheese truck. Okay, my instant thought was YES!!!!!!! Knowing they were going to serve food that Saturday & Sunday - Josh & I went down to Doughboys in Aggieville where the line was already around the corner. We thought about 150 people or so were in front of us - no big deal. They were supposed to start serving at 12 - it was 2 when we went down there. By 2:30 - the truck was having to move because it was in "Aggieville" and people were bitching. Shocker - people in Manhattan bitching about something good and free advertisement. We were told they were moving a block away - I thought it was weird because surrounding Aggieville is housing. It ended up moving 3 blocks west to Manhattan Christian College. We gave up on Saturday on the food trucks after looking at the crazy lines in the park for 3 of the 5 trucks. So we tried this whole waiting in line thing again on Sunday afternoon. I had to come down to work and design a card for my parents anniversary - so about 4:30 Josh and I went and got in line. It wasn't too bad - probably 200 people in front of us. They were open and serving so we didn't figure it'd take too long. Well, it took 2.5 hours. It really didn't seem that long - I've waited in line longer. When I was 10, I spent the night with my brother & sister in law in front of a store on North Rock Road in Wichita for beanie babies. Once we got up there - it was worth the wait. It was fun - it was exciting to be apart of it. It was a good grilled cheese, not amazing, but fun. They had homemade tortilla chips with a sweet chili sauce on them - yum! Josh had the coleslaw - it was different, but good he said. Everything was $.99 - so it made it reasonable - very reasonable. Whenever we go to Boston, I'm definitely going to find "Roxy's Grilled Cheese" truck - delish!

Food Network - Great Food Truck Race - 5 trucks arrive in Manhattan about 12 on Friday, May 13th

Josh & I waiting for Roxy's Grilled Cheese - Sunday, May 15th

Roxy's Grilled Cheese Sliders & Tortilla chips with sweet chili sauce

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