Friday, May 20, 2011

Forty Years of Love

In 16 days will mark the 40th Wedding Anniversary of my parents, Monty & Carol. This is a huge accomplish and milestone for anyone. I'm so thankful for my parents and everything they have done and taught me over the years. I've been restoring their wedding photographs - there images turned yellow long before they should have so it's been quite a challenge.

Their wedding announcement in the Rock, Kansas newspaper.

Carol at her bridal shower, Rock, Kansas.

My grandma, Mary, helping my mom get ready.

My mom with her girls.

One of my favorite images from their wedding, Mary, Carol, and Charlie

Charlie & Carol

Monty & Carol

The church, Rock, Kansas

Wedding Party

Nichols Family

Troutman Family

Mr. & Mrs. Monty Troutman

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